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Username Azize2018
Gender Female
State/Province Ontario
Marital status Divorced
Height 5'4" (163cm)
Weight 100 lbs (45kg)
Hair color Dark-blonde
Eyes color Other
Education Post Graduate
Known languages (Multiple selections allowed) English
Job Mother
Hobby Singing
About I try my best to be a nice person in this world Iím not perfect but try my best everyday, I am no chef but no one has ever starved next to me, Iím not the perfect housewife but I do my best to keep a house a home which I believe is more important.
I am very generous and too kind to a point where Iím often taken advantage of

I love cats and animals of all kind, if I see a stray cat that comes to my door I will always feed it, I can be temperamental sometimes if I feel oppressed or attacked in someway. I donít like power struggles or ego trips, I am the type of person that would rather her be happy then prove Iím right or wrong, I donít care what happened or how mad you are I will still go to you to talk to you to work it out but if u close yourself then I donít force it I just walk away. If I am really mad I will not yell or scream nor will I swear or put you down I find those things all childish and pointless.

I was married once to an idiot and before that I dated one idiot that I was stupid enough to waste my time with but learned from it and didnít do it again. I am the youngest of 4 siblings in total, I am not a feminist as I personally believe that men have different strengths then woman god created them to make more money not to oppress them but to support them, I understand in this day an age women are just as strong as men but if woman made the same as men it would really create an unequal balance in the universe in my opinion, I am not a very political person but if I look at the candidates I can tell you if what they support matches my beliefs.

I like chivalry, mevlanas teachings, quotes from our prophets, sharing things Iím passionate about on social media or things I just like be it quotes, my baby, things I want to buy, humorous words that sort of thing...anyway thatís all I can say for now I think I covered anything if I missed anything please feel free to message anytime.:)
Seeking marital status (Multiple selections allowed) Single, Divorced
Seeking children (Multiple selections allowed) 1
Seeking smoking (Multiple selections allowed) Non-Smoker
Seeking drinking (Multiple selections allowed) Never drink
Seeking education (Multiple selections allowed) Some College, Some University, Bachelors Degree, Technical Certification
Seeking Islamic Classification (Multiple selections allowed) Sunni
Seeking age 34 - 37
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