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Username SyedsOnly
Gender Male
State/Province Illinois
Marital status Single
Height 5'9" (175cm)
Education Bachelors Degree
Known languages (Multiple selections allowed) English, Hindi/Urdu
Job Engineer
Hobby Seerah/Milad Shareef/Salawat
About Alhamdulilah, I have a very intense love for Allah and His Rasool SAW (may infinite peace and blessings be upon him and his noble family).

I believe strongly that true piety lies completely in the love for Rasulullah SAW, his Ah Layl Bayt, and the Sahabas. "Say: I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my close relatives" [42:23]. When one truly loves them their actions begin to follow them whole heatedly.

Our family is originally from Saadat-e-Amroha (near Delhi), most of which have migrated to Karachi during partitioning. We are direct descendants of Hazoor-e-Ghaus-e-Azam (Jilani father/mother) and Hazrat Imam Naqi Al Hadi R (Naqvi mothers side)- Hasani/Hussaini. We are najeeb-ut-tarfain (pure syeds).

Things I look for in my ideal partner: the person must have the highest level of taqwa and piety, have a full understanding of heya, wear hijab, guard her eyes, dislike TV/music, have no love for dunya, spends the night in ibadat - a true ashiq of Allah and His Rasool (SAW), a great deal of patience, recites Quran/durood shareef daily, fasts regularly, ready to sacrifice in the path of Allah, smiles a lot, desires a large family, wants to be a home maker, good manners/adhab, humble, and have an intense desire to please Allah and draw as close as possible to Rasulullah SAW.

Please contact for marriage purposes ONLY if you are a Pure Syed (Najeeb-ut-Tarfain). Prefer someone from Pakistan who understands humility, sacrifice, heya (modesty/shame) and ghayrat (honor) and has khoosh Akhlaq.
Seeking marital status (Multiple selections allowed) Single
Seeking children (Multiple selections allowed) None
Seeking smoking (Multiple selections allowed) Non-Smoker
Seeking drinking (Multiple selections allowed) Never drink
Seeking education (Multiple selections allowed) High school, Some College, Some University, Bachelors Degree, Post Graduate, Technical Certification, Student
Seeking Islamic Classification (Multiple selections allowed) Sunni
Seeking age 18 - 30
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