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Username F_amal
Gender Female
State/Province Ontario
Marital status Single
Height 5'5" (166cm)
Weight 115 lbs (52kg)
Hair color Black
Eyes color Brown
Education Bachelors Degree
Known languages (Multiple selections allowed) English, Arabic
Job Pharmacist technician
Hobby Learning Quran, visiting friends, cooking, caring for my parents
About Asalaamu walaikom
I am looking for a brother for marriage for a sister. She is skeptical of the whole online thing so my husband and I are filtering potentials for her.
Mashallah she is a very pious woman. She enjoys her faith and strives to improve her deen by reading, attending classes and lectures as well as having many Muslim friends. She prays 5x a day and fasts. Wears hijab as well. She is a bit shy at first but once she is comfortable she is great company. She Is a very loyal friend And spends most of her time caring for her aging parents.
She is educated and works currently at a hospital, however; she is open to being a house wife or doing work from home. She wants her future family to be her priority, not her job.

She wants a husband who is devoted to his deen. Hopefully one who will still let her visit her two best friends from time to time (were both reverts and she helps us a lot). She is hoping at this point he is done his studies and has a steady job. Wants a family and to make his wife his best friend. She’s pretty open minded as to where he’s from so long as he’s in Canada Allah swt made us into so many nations so that we can enjoy one another’s so culture isn’t a big deal, deen is most important.
Seeking marital status (Multiple selections allowed) Single
Seeking children (Multiple selections allowed) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or more
Seeking smoking (Multiple selections allowed) Non-Smoker
Seeking drinking (Multiple selections allowed) Never drink
Seeking education (Multiple selections allowed) High school, Some College, Some University, Bachelors Degree, Post Graduate, Technical Certification
Seeking Islamic Classification (Multiple selections allowed) Sunni
Seeking age 27 - 35
Seeking height 5'5" (166cm) - 7'0" (213cm)
Seeking weight 130 lbs (59kg) - 230 lbs (104kg)
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